HISTORICALLY A GREAT FOCUS has been addressed to specific individuals in the business community, e.g the Managing Director or Chairman of the Board. The executive search company Headlight International wishes to see a more wide-angle perspective in the future, where the collective experience and competencies of the entire team of executives or board members are taken into account.
Established structures are hard to break and companies are continuously under external pressure. A homogeneous team can function better in the short-term, when fast decisions are required, as there will be more group pressure and less discussions. In the longer term however, the homogeneous team will make poorer decisions than the heterogeneous team, benefiting from diversity.
The business community has a great influence on society, whose structure is changing rapidly. We claim that an increased diversity within the business community contributes to improved creativity and innovation, which in the long run results in increased competitiveness.
In the light of this, Headlight International has initiated a thesis competition about diversity in the business community, with the purpose of creating and discussing new ideas and thoughts leading to increased diversity seen from a broad perspective (ethnicity, gender and age). We want to contribute to an increased awareness of the positive effects that an active diversity work can give Sweden’s business community. We hope that this will result in an increase in the number of people who work more actively for improved diversity.
THE COMPETITION IS OPEN for theses written during the academic year 2017/2018 on the bachelor and master level at Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University and Departments of Business Studies at Uppsala University and Linköping University.

The thesis should treat creative ideas and thoughts that result in an increased diversity within the Swedish business community seen from a broad perspective, i.e. ethnicity, gender and age. Theses written from a management perspective, with its business economic opportunities and challenges, are preferred.
The theses should be written (in Swedish or English) and passed during the autumn term 2017 or spring term 2018.
Thereafter each university nominates the two best theses to the competition at latest the 21th of June, 2018.
The winner of the best thesis will be awarded a prize of 25,000 SEK.
The winning thesis will be chosen by an external jury consisting of members from Headlight International and representatives from the business community. The prize ceremony will take place during September 2016.
Headlight International reserves the right to use the submitted entries for their own purposes.

More information can be provided by the following contact persons:

Stockholm School of Economics
Laurence Romani
Telephone: +46 8-736 94 82
E-mail: laurence.romani@hhs.se
Important information: To be nominated to the thesis competition, please contact Laurence Romani.

Stockholm University, Stockholm Business School
Oskar Sjölander
Telephone: +46 8 674 79 41
E-mail: oskar.sjolander@sbs.su.se

Uppsala University, Department of Business Studies
Mikael Gidhagen
Telephone: +46 18 471 13 97
E-mail: mikael.gidhagen@fek.uu.se

Sabine Gebert Persson
Telephone: +46 18 471 27 69
E-mail: sabine.gebert-persson@fek.uu.se

Linköping University – Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) / Business Administration (FEK)
Åsa-Karin Engstrand
Telephone: +46 13 15 89
E-mail: asa-karin.engstrand@liu.se

Charlotte Holgersson
Tfn: 08-790 67 71
E-post: charlotte.holgersson@indek.kth.se


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