2017-01-09 Headlight International has been elected into the Tinzon Group

We are proud to announce that Headlight International has been elected to represent the Swedish market for the Tinzon Group, a growing international alliance of independently owned and operated Executive Search firms. We provide our clients with global reach and industry expertise through synergistic collaboration and shared knowledge and resources. We are motivated by the same best practice approach to search, have common values and share an industry-leading adherence to professionalism in all that we do.

Tinzon currently has 15 member companies globally, and among the various alliances that have been approaching us over the years, we feel that this is a perfect match. We can now assist our clients in finding “Headlight-equivalent” search partners in other geographies across the globe. We will also participate in the enlargement of the alliance, by approaching additional member boutiques across Europe, with a certain focus on our neighbouring countries in the Nordics.