HEADLIGHT INTERNATIONAL believe that recruitments of Non-executive Directors (NED) is a way to increase the dynamics and the quality of the work on the board. Over recent years clearer governance requirements, equality and diversity issues, as well as generally higher expectations have led to an increasingly professionalised process regarding non-executive board member recruitments. We find that the same requirements for an analytical and structured search process as for executive positions have made this specific field an increasing part of the services we offer to our clients.

Based on Headlight International´s executive search methodology, we can help the current board or nominating committee to define a relevant search profile, identify and attract the right people to the current board position. During the board search process we evaluate the individual’s skills and experience but we also place great emphasis on the candidates’ personal and unique potential to further strengthen the board’s composition. Our experience derives from our combined years in the search industry and the assignments we carried out within most ownership structures industry and segments, e.g.:

Listed companies
Privately owned companies
P/E portfolio companies
Start-up companies
Public organizations
Infrastructure (Construction/Real Estate and Energy)
Life Sciences
Professional Services
Culture, Sports and Media